I want to add some terrific zest to the writings of this post.
I want to say all the things I feel inside.
I want to give you a chance to feel just a little of what I feel inside.
I want you to know how I feel.

How do I describe my contentment and happiness?
How do I verbalize or textualise all the thoughts of peace I feel?
How do you use words to convey relief?
How do you show your joy?

What do I do now whilst I await for my allergy results to come back?
What foods can i eat until I know what causes my anaphylaxis?
What do I tell people about myself when I meet them now?
What will the new year bring for me?

My identity, for what seems like my whole life, has been wound up in the fluctuations of my Lupus.
My creativity has come out tenfold since my neurology issues cleared recently.
My loyalty is fiercer, as I’ve learned just how valuable my closest friends are and what they are willing to help with.
My love has depth and passion I wasn’t aware I could possess and is entwined inevitably with my loyalty.

I will use my health experiences to help others navigate through theirs.
I will follow my creativity to whatever creations I am inspired to.
I will dedicate my time to showing my friends how much I appreciate them.
I will follow this beautiful path that is life wherever it may take me.


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