So it has been quite some time now since I have been for a visit. I am frankly ashamed of myself. i have been busy, but that is no excuse for neglect and I certainly do not like to make excuses. Let me share with you my journey in recent times.

My younger brother had a big celebration for his 21st in April. Most of that month was spent socialising with family, we do enjoy celebrating one event as many times as possible. My ‘Plus One’ for everything was Walrus and there certainly were some happy snaps taken. I also had plenty of fun making novelty cakes. I will include pics, do not worry!

May involved some hard-core study sessions. My Certificate III in Eduation Support has left with me with no fun time for the internet, and work was super busy as the majority of the experienced workers in my department left. I was over-worked, stressed and sleep-deprived but I some how managed to ace my units and receie high kudos from both my lecturers for my assisgnments.

June was some what more of the same, with me trying to chase down some good weather to pick up my cycling. I failed miserably. A nice change in events saw me making a friend in another department at work, Jaizee, and inheriting her friend in yet another department Becks. I also met a new girl at yoga who I get along with well, but I don’t know her name yet. Friends are important to me as I do not have that many in the city and so find myself  lonely at times. Walrus also started joining one of my classes. I really enjoy the companionship.

At the start of July I started long board surfing classes. Apparently I am pretty okay, when I am not worrying about the wave. My fear still haunts me, as does the fear of stepping on a Cobbler and being stung by their spine. Living in Perth and being in the ocean at the moment does not worry me. I am aware of the sharks, but I am willingly going in to their home and so whatever happens, well it happens.

Now it is August. The weather is wet and cold, but the sun shines enough for my cycles. Arthur is but a memory currently and I choose to think of him being in my past for good now. I have a birthday coming up which I am not sure I am pleased about. My heart is heavy with loss, but I am hoping to take a trip down our wonderful south coast this weekend and start to heal.

I will be back soon I promise!

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