With my recent luck in the health and fitness department I have decided now is the time to start getting in to some of the exciting exercise/fundraising events that goes on every year. My first official event is the Chevron City to Surf.

Not to under-estimate my abilities, which we all know I like to push myself, I entered in the 12km walk. I am not really able to run still, but I wanted to know I put in a big effort. I entered through work with one of the girls from my department, so we could encourage each other and keep company.

I am proud to say the walk took only 2 hrs 39 min, which is a good pace, for me at least. I ended up with good, deep blisters on both feet, but no sunburn and some wonderful fruit at the finish line!

My colleague, Giselle, and I spent some quality time getting to know each other more and I also met her nice partner. Both of them are Brazilian and friends with another girl I have worked with previously. I LOVE making new friends, and am always pleased to spend some time with different people.

I would say, all in all, between the money I donated, the distance I walked and the time spent with the Brazilians, my day was a wonderful success for the start of my new “fitness for charities” outlook.

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