The first 6 months of this great year have kept me on my toes, no doubts about that! Between the recurring migraines, the fluctuating costochronodritis and the university semester I have certainly had my hands full.

But it hasn’t all been fun and games my friends!

I’ve lost my abilities to teach my private yoga classes for chronic and recovering ill individuals. So I have also lost my only means of income. This did of course mean I had extra time for my study and to maintain my health.

Yet, you will know as well as I, that I don’t long hold back from pushing myself. I took up an optional elective unit at uni this semester, since I had the chance and time. The points of accreditation that I accumulate for this unit will not contribute to my degree, so there is no benefit in me taking them, other than pleasure and personal growth. The unit is titled Theatre in Education (TIE) and it delves on to the possibilities and methods of employing theatre and drama as an education style. TIE is not as widely known, yet is proven to be effective and is already employed in health facilities and prison reform centers to great effect. So of course, my naturally dramatic character was drawn to the topic when I had the extra time to fill in my life and semester.

As the end of semester approaches, so too do exams and final assessments. In TIE we are delivering a week of double shows each day to schools of the Perth region, as well as two public shows for friends, family and others. That week is next week, so this week the class is in Intensive Rehearsals week where we finalise the performance, production and music (it is a children’s comedic musical so it is VERY intensive). We’ve been at it for between 3 and 8 hours each day so far, once even had a 12 hour day. I fall in to bed exhausted but unable to sleep due to the adrenalin curing through my veins and the many thoughts I’m trying to process for the next run.

With my Lupus I need to get at least 9 hours of deep restful sleep each night or else sickness comes knocking. I also need to keep my body away from stresses so as not to damage it, which happens all too easily. Needless to say I have not been sleeping and my body is under stress. With the recent appearance of the mystery almost illness I am very aware that the muck is likely to hit the fan before the end of this week. I keep positive and my chin is very high with the confidence that I will make it through to exams without major mishap.

My only concern is how I will manage to start revising and studying for exams when I am sleeping in to 11, crying  and attempting to cope with this unbearable itchiness until mid afternoon, making dinner of soup then heading off to another rehearsal and set production workshop until 10 in the evening. Don’t even ask how I have found time to write this down (I’m crying in a bath of Pinetarsol currently).

Until next time I have a break, I will leave you with a sneak peak of Van Dyk, the Inadequate (Cat) Dutch Artist…


I'm a Cat in a children's musical

I’m a Cat in a children’s musical


  1. Catherine 29/05/2014 at 3:21 am

    Thank you for your post and wonderful “Cat” picture. Your love and passion for the arts is so apparent. You amaze me to be able to manage such a demanding and hectic schedule, all with a beautiful smile! Please pace yourself as you enjoy the closure of another semester! Be well friend! 🙂

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