To discuss how I got to the idea of using hypnotherapy for sleep, we first need to address my health and reasons for reaching this avenue as a conclusion. My struggles have been long and multi-dimensional. You know this, and even if you didn’t you can probably guess from reading my profile, which details my numerous ailments over the larger portion of my life. I have taken so many different drugs and had so many treatments it’s just boring now.

I am not alone. I don’t pretend that I am.

I am not special about my illnesses. Even though they may at first appear that way, I know my pain is only mildly different than many others.

Do you imagine pocket watches when you think of hypnotherapy?

Do you imagine pocket watches when you think of hypnotherapy?

Most importantly, my desire to be healthy is the same as everyone else’s. I hate knowing that good health is so close to me, yet so unachievable. I am saddened that my attempts at recovery must be so slow and so involved.

But what I do not hate are these moments. The opportunities I have to tell you about these different and wonderful opportunities we have to overcome some personal difficulties in more natural ways.

Today I want to share with you my experience with hypnosis. More importantly hypnotherapy for sleep.


A nice place for a sleep

Hypnotherapy for sleep

 What is hypnosis?

The induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour, has been revived but is still controversial. –

Why hypnotherapy for sleep troubles?

[It is thought] most habits and behaviours are based on programming from our past; some of them can be a source of great emotional pain and conflict, stress, anxiety and depression…Hypnotherapy changes negative subconscious programming enabling us to achieve what our conscious desires, bringing about profound changes in our lives.

 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling.

My history with hypnotherapy

Perhaps you recall a memory I told of my childhood, an incidence of trauma. I struggled with sleep for a good many years in my childhood and teenage years. It invoked panic attacks, over-active imagination and many sleepless nights for my parents. Not to mention fear and embarrassment for me. It culminated with appointments with a hypnotherapist in Albany. My parents did not want me to take medication for such a severe and ongoing issue at that age. I thought seeing a hypnotherapist sounded cool. A great story for my boarding school friends at the very least.

It was an astounding surprise to me that I was cured to great effect by this treatment. A sleep in the late morning in a room with a polite and informative woman overcame many of the disturbances I had struggled with throughout my childhood. Without any further need for medical consultations, psychological appointments or drugs treatments.

The Dolores Cannon technique

When you don’t know something about something it is easy to generalise and make blanket assumptions. So I, of course thought there was only one type of hypnotherapy, or hypnosis. Even after I had been hypnotised I still was uneducated on this assumption. Granted you see a lot about novelty acts using hypnosis to entertain. But the act of placing people into a dream-like state and telling their mind to follow instructions on a subconscious level is not the only form of hypnotism.

Take Dolores Cannon and the theory of Past Life Regression. This technique is a concept which, yes you guessed it, leads a participant into their various past lives. The process of hypnotism also behaves on a different level of consciousness in which the participant is awake and active in the process.

Why the Dolores Cannon technique for hypnotherapy for sleep?

As mentioned above, I have been unwell for some time now. My Lupus, Vasculitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis has been active in many ways, shapes and forms for many years. It occurred to me that since I knew hypnotherapy was effective for me, I was confident in using hypnotherapy for sleep. I began to wonder that it may be interesting to in fact delve into my past lives, if this would be possible, and see if I could isolate why I had these health issues. If I could find a guide in my past or subconscious to lead me each night into sleep. 

My experience

I met Roman after work one night. In a private room I sat down in a comfortable armchair and discussed my brief health situation and life circumstances with Roman. He asked me some personal questions to better understand how I think, how I have responded in particular events and what my current life situation stands as. I explained to him my reasons for wanting to try hypnotherapy for sleep and healing. He was insightful, genuine, polite and respectful. He used my information to determine an essential oil that I would respond to greatly, and explained the origin and what it means and is used to help with. That oil, for interests sake was Ocotea, but he also suggested Camphor and Frankincense. It was the first time I had smelled Ocotea, but I felt a resonance with it that was most calming.

I made myself comfortable in the chair and allowed my eyes to close as Roman took me on a journey. His voice was guiding yet not interfering and while I remained conscious throughout the experience there is little I can recall. This was only a recent event though, so don’t think I have forgotten out of lapsed time.

Do I think it worked?

Yes. I have been calmer since the experience. The experience of trying hypnotherapy for sleep has helped me in regulating my sleep patterns. I feel more relaxed when bedtime approaches, having less fear of the potential for not falling asleep as I get into bed.

Hypnotherapy gave me the strength to go to sleep. It took away my worries about restless nights and interrupted dreams.

In trying to use hypnotherapy for sleep issues I managed to also overcome my worries about the night and being alone. It is subtle but it is there and I no longer feel the need for sleeping pills.I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy for sleep disorders, as well as anxiety, depression, addiction and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness about chronic illness.

If you would like to know more about this therapist in particular please comment below, or contact me at

There is also a collective called the Perth Hypnotherapy who can be contacted at this website. 

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