I know, I know, I know. This looks like an advertisement. And it contradicts what I have said about supplements. But I also need to be honest and realistic about a few very true details. 

  • Not everyone has the time or desire or ability to eat the correct amount of fruit and vegetables each day, let alone manage a completely balanced diet as well as work and other commitments.
  • Not everyone has the same feelings and opinions that I do about the vitamin industry.
  • There are honestly some nutrients that we are not able to access in the quantities or on the regular basis that we require even if we do eat correctly. This is due to the age of the earth that Australia, especially Western Australia, exists on. All the nutrients came out so many hundreds or thousands of years ago.


But mostly I have to concede this fact…

I have been on a lot of medicinal, nutritional, dietary and additional supplement programs for varying amounts of time and this is the only one I have genuinely noticed an improvement from.

I acknowledge once again that the information and advice I provide is my personal opinion and should not be taken above that of a professionals.

Having taken numerous courses of treatments of varying degrees of pharmacological foundation I will mention the base of these alternative treatments which are known as supplements is different than those of legally medicinal treatments. There does not need to be supportive evidence for large claims these alternative medicinal companies make. They can say that the active ingredient in them is found in a natural product which has been known to assist in the (desired effect) and this vague statement seems to be enough to get them past FDA guidelines and into the health food market. As long as they don’t make a specific statement that can be disproved and proven as fraud then it is okay. If the treatment doesn’t work then the product must not be right for you.

A good supplement you often may not notice is working until you stop taking it. I feel this is because you are not taking a drug, just slightly managing the chemicals you already are taking in each day.

Well, that is what I thought until I started taking JuicePlus. I will be clear and open with you. I do not know how the other supplement companies make their products. I can only guess by the specific way they create each of their products that it is done in a laboratory. A lot of the  research undergone by these companies to support their claims, to promote their products and to enhance their image are funded for and undertaken by their own subsidiary companies, or organisations they are in ‘co-hoots’ or partnership with. You can see why I’m dubious.

The thing that encouraged me to move away from my strict beliefs to try this product was that they were supported by universities and nutrition organisations all across the globe. Much research and investigation has been done into this company and the very limited amount of products they sell.

JuicePlus doesn’t have a big range. They do not target specific ailments or treatments. They sell a vegetable, fruit or berry supplements. They sell a smoothy powder and childrens vegan gummy lollies. Their products are simply as the names suggest, orchards of fruits, vegies and berries are grown and collected and dried. Once dried these are crushed into a fine powder, fine enough that high quantities of these will fit into small capsules. There is nothing in the capsules besides the fresh grown ingredients and so the bottles they are delivered in are kept from direct sunlight or warmth and are relatively fresh when you receive them (hence they are not available in stores only online. If left exposed they will grow fungus within days. I’ve seen it, it is pretty cool. The other brands don’t have that going for them.

I have seen a young man with a receding hairline gain thickness and hair regrowth on this product. I myself lost my alocepia issues on it and my skin regained natural colour and became less sensitive to the sun. One of my friend’s, she chooses to be nameless, is a vegan and since taking this product she has not had to have injections of protein to maintain her health. Needless to say the year and a half I was on this product I went into remission. I have not been on it for 4 years, due to cost of it and my general financial situation have not allowed me to afford it.

But if I were to return to a regular additional supplementary option, this is the one I would choose. And would I recommend it to others? Well, I suppose I am right now.

The proof is in the pudding.

To find out more type JuicePlus into your search engine or follow this link.


  1. Emily 24/06/2016 at 1:28 am

    Hi can you please tell me the name of your neuroimmunologist?

    Thank you

    • chevronspots 29/06/2016 at 8:46 am

      Hi Emily,
      Currently I am seeking the advice of the Neuroimmunology Clinic at Royal Perth Hospital. This is a free service run by the hospital every second Monday. My doctors are Dr Wei Leong of Neurology and Dr David Nolan of Immunology. I have had the fortune to also have Dr Kevin O’Connor attend me throughout my illness, but he is still completing his specialty in Neuroimmunology and so do not always have him in my appointments. There are plenty more that come and go but are not regular as such, and I have been attended to others irregularly at each of the public hospitals, given I have been to all now! My best recommendation to try to get a referral to any of the clinicians at the Royal Perth Neuroimmunology Clinic. They may seem vague but I can guarantee they are on the money.

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