This year for the festive season I have committed to gifting you with a Lupus Advent Calendar. If there is one thing that Lupus does, it is give. The gifts from this disease can often be mistaken for negative burdens. I am choosing to find the positive in a tricky situation this year. Everyone is different, but what we should all have in common are ‘go-to’ remedies, treatments, procedures or practices. Coping mechanisms. For instance, if I didn’t have Lupus, and had dry skin, I would probably just get the nicest smelling moisturiser from wherever I saw it first. Now, I have a collection of specific creams, with carefully read labels determining the ingredients inside are ones that don’t ‘trigger’ a Lupus-reaction.

Why an Advent Calendar?

I know, in my pains, that I am not the only one. I am thus sharing my advent calendar with you, not to advertise or push my products on to you, but to show you that it is okay to have five foundations and half-a-dozen-sunscreen creams. Maybe there is an area in your life that is only now becoming an issue for you, and something you see may be something you want to try out. Maybe you used to use something you see but have now found something you feel is ‘better’. That is great. Send in a picture.

What Is On My Advent Calendar?

Not medication. I say that firstly and emphasise how this is a non-negotiable. Because medications are non-negotiable. I cannot and will not recommend a drug therapy treatment because I do not know you, your body, your situation. Nor do I know chemistry, drug history’s and medication information. In a few days I do plan to do a few days addressing the medications I take. But that will be from the perspective of “Look how many pills I take”, “Look how I organise my medications” and “Look at what I do with the wastage”. I will also not be including any of the supplements I elect to integrate into my daily regimen. What I take is what has been determined as best for me, based on my lifestyle, eating habits and medications. You may also take the same ones, but I do not want to suggest you should, or must. Again, not a doctor, not a scientist, not you but me.

I Am A Day Behind

On my advent calendar, I got confused. When I post I say the wrong number. For instance, today is the 11th December 2018. In my post, I would be referring to my advent calendar as “The tenth day of Christmas….” Totes Inapropes sorry. Today I will be fixing this hiccup, so please know that when today I will step forward to say “On the eleventh day of Christmas…” it will be intentional.

My Choices

My choices are determined based on financial circumstance, accessibility, product ingredients, ownership and locality of the company that makes them and how environmentally friendly/ sustainable the production of and packaging is that these are involved in. It may seem like it all belongs in the ‘too hard’ basket and that is okay. I agree in that there are most likely more ideal options on the market that you may have come across, that I have yet to and therefore have not shown.

Missing Out On The Advent Calendar

Lupus gives so much. To each and every person with Lupus, the gift does vary. My gifts are not yours, just as yours are not mine. I can only show you the gifts Lupus has given me and how I have addressed these.  You may, however, feel that there are good, or more appropriate, products that you use that should be included in the list.  My range is so narrow, and my choices so seemingly mediocre, and yet what can I do? I thank each and every one of you for your contributions in sharing other alternatives. Furthermore, I thank you for your patience as I parade around my first preferences and purchases.

Coming Up In The Advent Calendar

Still to come before Christmas on my Lupus Advent Calendar are some of the following. Head pain management, whether it may be migraines, hydration, nutrition and a cheeky video clip talking about something so very dear and close to my heart.

Signing Up for the Advent Calendar

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