My mother has been staying with me this week. Monday she took me to the Neurologists at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH). That was a good appointment but there was not much that came out of it that was new. But the treatment I received from the doctors was positive and very helpful. Connor, the head of the team as a NeuroImmunologist, actually admitted that he has been reading my blog, which I feel personally may actually help him to understand how the illness is impacting me, in a more meaningful way than what I communicate in our brief 2-3 monthly appointments.

Connor confirmed I was not myself and was definitely in need of some more solid assistance to help me cope. Connor said this was depression, and I would need to temporarily increase my serotonin-noradrenalin medication until I have been to a few appointments with my psychologist. If I did not have one already, he could recommend a few. I assured him I knew of one I was very pleased with. One I have been to in the past. He reassured me this will pass. I just needed to trust him and keep open my communication.

As to the partial-focal seizure and dizzy spells/ episodes that have been happening lately, they are induced by stress not more masses. Apparently, even though I was not feeling particularly stressed at these points in time, my body was experiencing the pressure. Whenever it wanted a break, a rest, a moment for itself it would just send a pulse of blackness through my consciousness and hold some of my cognitive functionality at bay for a moment. Regardless, I am to have an Electroencephalogram (EEG). My appointment time will be posted out to me soon.

Finally, as to the mysterious skin irritation that I have been suffering these last few months, Connor does not think it is directly Lupus related. But just like Dr Evs he is pulling out all his special codes for the blood and urine tests just to see what he can see. I wonder what will happen next.

Stay tuned for what happened the very next day…!


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