Unfortunately, this will be a brief note and lacking in my usual eloquence. It will contain much justification and promises for the future.

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After I returned from Broome my university had the scheduled study break for Education students. This was timed with the holidays for primary and secondary schools across this state. Following this week all the other students in my year at university went on their practical experience. Given my enrolment details, and my health this year, I was exempt from the practical. What this means for me is that I will either have two practicals next year, or else I will do my second year practical in my third year, third in fourth and fourth at the end of my degree. However, I will cross that bridge when it comes.

What this also meant is that I have not had university classes or contact hours for the past three weeks. It has not been a break for me, whatever idea you are getting in your mind. I have had two nauseatingly large assignments to complete and submit. One was a two part project focusing on developing a community education action to create a stronger psychological and emotional tie between the community and school. It required a lot of study in to the demographics of the region selected, as well as economic and social-services information. NOT my strong suit when my mind is very well focused. The second assignment was worth 70% and was a reflective journal comprising of everything I had learned this year and responding critically to how the curriculum, which will not be enacted for another two years, and information from the unit has affected my interpretation and will impact upon how I want to teach that curriculum. The issue with reflective assignments is that there is no clear was to complete them, and little guidance the lecturers can provide other than hints to how to question and respond critically. As it is 70% and I only submitted it yesterday, It is the most important component of the unit and may very well determine my success in the unit. The Exam for the unit is next week so I doubt I will even know how I went until after the exam. Needless to say my focus has been narrow and my stress high.

I don’t want to vent here. Especially not about my study, as this is not the focus of this blog and it certainly won’t help others the way I intend this page to. I would like you to understand why I have been absent for near-on a month, and why this absence will continue for another two weeks.

In my absence, please believe that I have jotted down all my little ideas of things to write about. I have a notebook specifically for ‘My Blog Ideas’. I have also saved some very interesting research pages that have been pointed out to me. When my semester is over and my mind may be allowed to wander I will be back in full force with all the eloquence and articulation you deserve.

In the meantime, I would suggest if you miss my little snippets, I continue with a minor blog-style posting series on my Instagram and I tweet regularly on Twitter too. You are welcome to follow me on either dear friends.



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