I sleep under a weighted blanket now. This is a new thing for me. My blanket is not something I coveted for a long time, nor is it something I was ever really focused on or passionate about prior to getting it. So why do I even have one, you ask? You may also be asking what a weighted blanket is? Certainly, it is understandable to want to know how come I have one. And of course, like most people, you will be curious to know if it ‘works’.

Why do I have a weighted blanket? What is it for?

I was never really told. My mother, bless her, had started the thought often over the last year of, “So there are these weighted blankets…” But she never finished the thought. Or the sentence. I prompted her, “Yes. Weighted blankets… so?” The best that she would give me was, “So what do you think?” or “I’ve heard they are really good, so what do you say?” Needless to say I would google the crap out of ‘weighted blankets’. I found they were popular for those with emotionally intellectual needs. Those diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and such. Children who in some way maybe struggled to cope with hormonal and emotional events in their lives. Is this what she thought of me? I mean, also ‘normal’ people like these too. But since the surgery, I know I now fixate on covering my head in any way as often as possible. And when I am at rest I need to be covered with no skin showing. I struggle at night time, and am known for my ‘tucking’. My tucking is my pj top into my pj bottoms, pj bottoms into socks. There are always socks. Is this why she wanted me to try the blanket? Do I have emotionally intellectual needs now?


What is a weighted blanket?

This is what I found online. What I have been told. Also what I have experienced first-hand. A weighted blanket is a blanket, obviously. It is not taking the place of a doona, nor a sheet. You lie under it, as you would a normal blanket. I keep mine on my bed between sheet and doona. There were sizes for all beds. There are also lap rug sizes, for when you want to watch TV. Mine is made from cotton, so it is breathable. All of these blankets are two layers of fabric, sewn together. Between these layers are beads. These beads are not for storing heat but for adding weight. Some of the blankets are sewn together in channels, it seems. This means the beads run horizontally or vertically along the length of the blanket. My blanket is pieced together in a square grid, pocketing the beads in these squares. The beads can be made of glass or chipped plastic. I have a glass one and so can only comment on that. The glass does not store heat and the beads are super tiny, from what they feel like. You would not use this to warm you up on a cold night. The weight of my blanket is 10% of my body weight, so 6.5kg.


How Did I End Up With a Weighted Blanket?

This nifty little item was not something I coveted. It was my mother who instigated the purchase of it. For this I am eternally grateful. I guess the emotional burden of the last few years have left marks that I cannot see. There must be behaviours that have indicated that I need something like this. If not this, then my parents, who are incredibly intuitive, where just being their usual intuitive selves. One day I walked into the room and I was asked to, “Look here, at this?”. I did so and was shown a website with colours. “Which colour do you like best?”. Always suspicious, I pointed at the navy one. “They are made in Mandurah. This website is the most thorough and informative I have found so far (The brand is Calming Moments if you want to look them up). They have more different sizes and weights than the others. Do you think Queen is better or a double?”. I sat down and that is how the conversation began. It ended with my bank account details. My blanket arrived a week later.

Does my weighted blanket work?

Yes. If you want to me to be specific though, I am afraid I cannot give you this. The first few nights getting into bed was hard, only because I am so unfit that lifted this weight made me want to winge, and I would have to remind myself that I am an adult and need to get over it. It felt like I was sleeping under a miniature concrete slab, in a good way. They say the appeal with these blankets is the comfort they offer, and yes, I did feel comforted by my blanket. When I am under it, with that extra gentle pressure on me, I feel at piece. There is no need to feel restless and I am not encouraged to toss and turn constantly. With this blanket I sleep easily and deeply. There is no sensation like I am in the hospital under their blankets. My body does not feel so light that it will float away. In my bed I now feel like I am being cuddled, without the pressure of another person being in my bed.

So if you want to know if my blanket ‘works’? Again I will tell you. Yes. Without a doubt, this purchase was worth it.

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