Once more I find myself awaking in a bed of Fiona Stanley Hospital. It opened 6 months ago yet here I am for the second time. (It may actually be third actually but my memory is so fuzzy.)

Why am I here?

Wednesday is my uni day.
Lecture on drugs 10:30.
Tutorial on drugs 11:30.
Lecture on assessment 1:30.
Tutorial on assessment 2:30.

In the first tutorial I started feeling light headed.
My left field of vision began pulsating in and out of greyness.
Tiny glittery dots started twinkling and flashing in the upper right part of my vision.
I closed my eyes and they remained.
Here I decided to take my pulse and stay seated without speaking. Noted on my paper symptoms, BPM and times. Sight resolved after 15 minutes but I lost awareness of everything to my left and that never left.

I bumped into some people walking to next lecture. Walked slower then.

In lecture 2 I lost movement in left arm. Checked sight.
Checked for facial paralysis.
Checked leg function.
Writing OK
Reading OK.
Cannot focus.
Cannot understand heard language.
Wrote down to relisten to lecture.
Txt mum. No response.
Walk slow to tutorial. Bump into people on the way.
Concentrate on legs and balance.
No left spacial awareness.
No left arm function
No left vision.
Sight twinkling and pulsating.
No ability to focus or hear.
Can write. Think basic thoughts.
Images from memory appearing to the left.
Fever hits.
Need to vomit and go to toilet.
Get up to leave class.
Stumble through.
Ask where toilet is and proceed to tell tutor ‘I think I’m having a stroke.’
In my sight she disappears.
A student from previous unit, aware of my condition saves me.
I say boyfriend G
Housemate Beau.
The student calls them both and then they are on the way.
I lose consciousness in the toilet but within minutes the security is there and ambulance on their way.
That is all there is for now.
I’m sorry for the drama.
I’m embarrassed for causing a scene in class.
I’m worried I’ll fall behind.
I’m worried I’ll have brain masses.



  1. thelittlewolfhunter 06/08/2015 at 9:13 am

    Oh my gosh! You didn’t have a stroke, right? Please take care of yourself. I hope you get answers soon.

    • Chevron Spots 06/08/2015 at 9:19 am

      They still don’t know what these things are. I’m told when they happen to say It’s a stroke but the truth is no one knows.
      The doctors in this hospital aren’t familiar with my history so they are negating everything, which initially happened with my current team of Neurologists and Immunologists at RPH. They say I can’t have Vasculitis so I’ve taken huge steps back.
      It cannot really have been a stroke as there is no even slightly residual paralysis. Small positive but I’m glad of that fact!

      • thelittlewolfhunter 06/08/2015 at 9:23 am

        Ok. That is a positive to not have a stroke. le sigh. Hopefully they don’t negate too much so that you can move forward instead of taking too many steps back.

        • Chevron Spots 06/08/2015 at 9:32 am

          Absolutely! You have my kind of positivity ? every test inches forward the answer!

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