I chose this title after my favourite novel from my adolescent years. The novel by Beverley MacDonald as a dark story about an Australian teenage boy on holiday with his […]

This week has been full of much singing, dancing and laughing. This week I have been reflecting much over how I handled life whilst recovering from the migraine episodes from […]

After all the testing was over I had to wait a few days before The Team reassembled to discuss their next steps forward. I understand they were meeting on their […]

To say that I have been going through some changes this year would certainly be an understatement at this point. I feel like the last six months can be defined […]

The experiences that I have gone through in the last month have been so over and under whelming that I honestly started to lose sight of the my big picture, […]

I am pleased to announce I completed my Tirisula course with good results. So now I am officially qualified as a yoga instructor. There were a fair few days of […]

There are places I go to where I find an instant sense of calm and peace. One of those places is the yoga mat. Another is the ocean, or any […]