I am going to reveal to you, now that I have enough experience in years and ‘field trials’ what I have learned about diet and illness. Of course, given where […]

As you may recall I enlisted a Naturopathic Biochemist for assistance with managing my numerous Lupus symptoms. Really I was just wanting a different idea of my body’s functionality from […]

Now, you know this is all a rather frazzled jumble of information. This story about my visit to the naturopath who was also a biochemist. You know this because I […]

It has been just over 18 months since I began eating Raw. There is something so incredible about the range of flavours in food that are available to indulge in, […]

It has been just over two months since I started the Prednisolone treatment and I have been managing to keep a more positive frame of mind about it this time. […]

I have been both rather eager and reluctant to review this stage of the saga that has been my holidays. This is due to exactly how much of a roller […]

A few years ago we stopped bringing processed snacks in to our household. So no biscuits, chips, ice cream, candy or frozen pizzas and frozen mini pies. We also make […]

Over the years I have come to realise there are certain things that do not agree with Arthritis. Obviously, these may not be the same in all people and I […]