Yes I have been absent minded. I have become distracted by all the pretty lights, so to speak. Let’s be honest, I was sick at the end of last year […]

I chose this title after my favourite novel from my adolescent years. The novel by Beverley MacDonald as a dark story about an Australian teenage boy on holiday with his […]

Introduction narration My ears hear what others cannot hear. Small, far away things people Cannot normally see are visible to me. These senses are the fruits Of a lifetime of […]

Most people, when I tell them I have a chronic illness and that I am always in some pain don’t tend to take me seriously. I am sure I am […]

I consider myself to be both rash and rational. Daily I find myself making rash decisions about things I can ‘improve’ in some way. This is not unusual. Every one […]

1 HOUR early leave on Friday. Enough time to take Katho to the beach for a quick paddle. 2 FALLS. 3 UNCOOKED vegetarian spring rolls and an early night. 1 […]