Early this Thursday morning my mother and I were in the defrosting car on our way to my GP Dr Evs. This time we were following up on the directive from Connor to get a mental health plan. We also had to follow up on some inquiries from the naturopath about my recent blood tests. So this first part we collected the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS) for me to complete for my mental health plan, and we requested a few more very specific blood tests. The tests were simple (blood tests like I’m used to).

My results for my many recent tests were as follows:

  • Thyroid levels okay.
  • Platelets, Red and White Blood Cells okay
  • Vitamin levels okay
  • Kidney and Liver functioning as well as ever
  • Hormone levels have not changed at all
  • ANA and RNA have not changed in 10 months

I took my documents to complete and Ma and I left to return early in the afternoon to complete my Mental Health Plan.

Ma and I had morning tea at the Lo Quay Cafe in Salter Point.

Ma had a massage and I wrote some more in my Big Book. We had coffee then parted ways. She, back home to the country, me, to the doctors once more.

In the afternoon Dr Evs and I spoke at length over the answers of my DASS. It was agreed I was in need of a mental health plan and was within my rights to apply for referral to a psychologist. We also discussed who I was going to see and what was needed to discuss. By the time I returned home I can definitely say that I felt like this week had been a positive step in the right direction. Now I just need to get a plan of attack sorted.

Wish me luck.

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