It was decided by The Powers That Be (the collaborative health collective that is my parents, myself and Gallow) that now is the right time for me to re-examine the entirety of my life.

This is not as big a process as it may sound and it is also not as deep as it may seem at first glance. What actually happened was my boss, who herself has a daughter (a fellow student) that has struggled for a long time with her own health concerns. Through their life experiences they had come across a lot of information and research into a biochemical naturopathic centre that practises relatively close to where I live.

My boss recommends the practice to many parents who are struggling with the concentration, performance and energy levels of their children, yet are wary or not able to pursue the diagnostic medicine track. Most of the time the students are hyperactive, or some variation of, not so much they have attention deficits or something similar, but enough to cause concern for their parents. So the parents are recommended to visit this particular centre and have their children’s levels tested. The tests include all the minerals, heavy metals, nutrients and other elements that are present in the body, the levels to which they are present and compares them with tested averages. The interesting thing is that most of the hyperactive children who have low concentration also have inadvisably high levels of heavy metal in their body. These can be altered by paying closer attention to what is in food, which food is eaten and where the produce originated.

I mentioned this practice to my Powers That Be and it was suggested, often and regularly, that I should try this out for myself. I waited until I was not at university, when I could place my whole focus on the information and I had the time to investigate the information myself. I must make it clear that I approach everything in life that I am not familiar with as a sceptic. Yes I do try things. But I do this with the attitude, ‘let’s see where the flaws are in your party trick’ or ‘where is your research supported and by whom? How much do I need to pay to satisfy your pyramid scheme?’ I’m never rude or openly negative about these things, but I am aware that many things in life are ruled by fad’s and funded by a small but dedicated media group. I am a logical, practical girl who has very little time for placebo’s and unsubstantiated claims. My favourite frauds are either those plastic magnetic wristband people, or Swiss Supplements.

Rant Over.

Wednesday morning my Ma and I were up before the sun had touched the frozen grasses and we left for this practice. I do not like promoting, I’m certainly not paid for it but this time I will stand aside and share the details. We were on our way to Rener Health Centre in Attadale. There we saw Anton. He gently collected my cynicism and scepticism within ten minutes and politely put it on the empty chair in the corner. He was a biochemist, as well as a naturopath. He worked with an irridologist also. He was trained both in Melbourne and America and was able to show me research by doctors for the past hundred years into the effect of and reaction to particular foods when they come into contact with bacteria grown by people with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus or SLE). He showed parts of DNA strands that are not broken down by the stomach and the microscopic inflammation when these bacteria are interfered with. He explained how food works and how certain thyroid and vitamin D levels may be appropriate for the medical world but they may still be too low to combat these DNA strands. There was more, trust that I will share it all with you, but for now let’s just say he proved he was worth listening to.

We left with a challenge to increase particular levels in my body, Thyroxin, DNH and TherActive (cannot recall what that one was). I could also decide if I was willing to see their nutritionist, or research on my own their model of nutrition. That decision will wait a while I think.

In the end, Anton promised me it will take 3 weeks, but the changes will be dramatic and not only will they help my body absorb my drugs, but they should help me start to feel better. It might be that I am in a more vulnerable state at present but I felt confident. I like the level of research I was given for Anton to back his claims and I like that I was left with a choice of what I wanted to do, and when. He was pleasing to talk to and I felt respected.

Out of respect to him, I will be passing all of the notes I took on to you in the next few weeks.


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