Yesterday I visited the Team.

-Enter the Leo’s and Connor

I have not been coping with the severity of my migraines these past two weeks. I have spent far too much time in bed concentrating on so very little. Nausea and dizziness are my companions. The only respite came with the cooler weather which knocks me out like  prize fighter each evening for a solid 8 hours precisely. My mother was so concerned she came to stay, then extended her stay, filling up my tea cup constantly and taking me to the beach for swims (it’s not that warm here any more!) or rubbing my feet and neck for relief. I couldn’t talk, think or function and left uni far too early on more than one occasion. So we pushed the Team to get me in much earlier than they’d planned so I could start living again.

Connor was so pleased to see me and pleased at my improvement from last visit, where I had been on the verge of Chemical Depression.This visit was relatively simple. We confirmed the depression was indeed induced by the Topiramate as my mental health was recovered, so I did not need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. My appetite had returned and I was once more eating. My bloods showed no inflammation at present or anything to worry them so I could start a new migraine treatment.

I wanted to jump up and dance, but of course I can’t move that way easily anymore, so I just beamed them my most winning smile and said “Come at me with your best shot!”

-Enter Propranolol-

I braced myself.

“What are the side effects? How long does the ‘weaning on’ take? What are the doses like? Do I need to keep  diary of this? What do I need to be aware of? Morning or night? With or without food?”

“It will lower blood pressure so slight dizziness after you stand too quickly or you do heavy exercise. You may get to a point in the dosage and find the pain and migraines go, in which case you can stop there. No diary or monitoring needed. Not necessary to take with food, and it shouldn’t interrupt your sleep.”


Where was this 5 months ago??? Give me back my 2014!  I want a do over!

But seriously I was very pleased to know the next medicine for me to try was not going to have side effects like the last two. I left the clinic with a smile on my face it mad my earlier smile look fake.

I was that pleased.

-Exeunt Cheerful Jessie


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