It has always been my intention to share the details of my experience as a way of giving hope and understanding to other young people who are going through, or know of someone going through, a similar circumstance in their own life. I include theories I have on nutrition, physical activity, emotional well-being, alternative therapies, not to mention the myriads of experiences I have during my bouts of good health in which I attempt to participate in the same ‘young people’ activities as others my age.

This is to show how resilience and positive attitudes can empower us to achieve far beyond what we think we are capable of. They are also suggestions of healthy and safe ways to look after a body that is at times difficult to get along with. Everyone’s journey is different and all I can hope is that by sharing my experience and knowledge through my good and bad times with each post you will gain some understanding or insight into yourself. Perhaps you will try something new, or be less inhibited in continuing down the path you are already on with a fresh or renewed outlook.

I can only hope.

Here I open up completely. I have taken big steps down a clear path with genuine intentions. You are privy to my ideas on pain, healing and alternative therapies and lifestyles. You will be included in my journey through attempts at exercises. You may even be inspired to take some steps yourself to move forward or find a direction in your own journey.

Please kind friends, if you can contribute any thoughts or topics to write about, let me know! I am hoping to begin writing the first drafts of a book soon and I would absolutely love your guidance!!