As Jessie is awash with exams and health concerns, the upkeep of writing turns to her mother. 

Our Jessie,

As Michael J Fox once said “A funny thing happened on my way to the future,” well maybe that happens to many of us.  You know, that old naive presumption that life will tick along, pretty much as you as expect it to, barring the occasional bump along the way.  Plus that other naive thought that, if things do turn pear shaped, with a bit of wisdom and effort things will be able to get sorted and we’ll all be back on track ASAP.

As with most parents, I think we are prepared to do almost anything to protect our family from preventable pain. There is a dreadful feeling of deep distress knowing that your own sweet child is experiencing pain, discomfort and the fear of the unknown and the unpredictability of symptoms.

With the realisation that life just can’t be manipulated and controlled comes great opportunity for personal growth (This is what I keep telling myself!)  The truth is it’s hard going, climbing, climbing, listening, listening, supporting, supporting, hoping, hoping.

There is always someone worse off, we know that, they know that, we feel for them and theirs too.

Our inspiration comes from Jessie, “How did she learn to be so strong?” I often wonder. No matter how strong the headwind, she keeps forging forward, trying to fly!


  1. lupolympics 16/06/2015 at 12:55 pm

    Beautifully written post. Jessie is lucky to have someone in her life who is so supportive.

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