Over the years I have come to realise there are certain things that do not agree with Arthritis. Obviously, these may not be the same in all people and I would always recommend seeing a dietitian or nutritionist for everyone that was having trouble. However a few little things I have learned to stay away from can be broken down as follows.

Night Shades
These are foods that grow on a certain type of plant – Solanaceae. These plants are “toxic” in some way I do not understand. The foods of this variety are tomato, eggplant, capsicum and potato. There is research that proves that the more tomato you eat, the more resistance your skin will have to burning in the sun, but I cannot be sure who has studied this to be confident of this theory. I eat a lot of steamed capsicum and roma tomato but I do know it makes a lot of people achy in their smaller joints.

I am overwhelmed at the nutritional value of lemons and other citrus fruits. Amongst other things they build immunity, strengthen the skin, cleanse and detox the body, aid in good organ activity and assist with digestion. Everyone would benefit amazingly from a squeeze of lemon in their morning water. However, citrus is a great way to inflame Arthritis. I went crazy on lemon for two months, shortly before a very bad relapse which almost made me bedridden, before I realised the two things were directly linked.These days I must sadly avoid citrus at all costs, as even a glass of orange juice can make me achy.

Dairy, Wheat and Highly-Processed Foods
For some reason these things sap the energy out of me and can make me feel strange, especially if I eat them around the time I take my medications. There are many alternatives and these things are fine in moderation also. For instance wholegrain fresh bread from a daily baker is less offensive on the body than white bread from a supermarket. I drink have coconut milk with my muesli, or yoghurt.

Fatty Foods, MSG and Alcohol
These should be obvious, simply as they are well known for not being healthy. They have varying effects yet mostly, they can inflame and cause a somewhat lethargic, ill feeling for a day or two at a time.

Don’t fret having read everything above! There are some really good foods which always make my body sing for joy…
Berries, avocado, free-range chicken and eggs, lettuce, steamed green vegetables, chilli, curry, garlic, home-made honey, rice paper & rice cracker/patties, melons, stone fruit, brown rice, tofu, polenta and of course CHOCOLATE!!!

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