I have been a little quiet for a little while. This has been due to me becoming immersed in physical activity and my studies.

My studies are going well. I am working hard on perfecting my lead assignments for my two current units, which has started my self reflection on how I perceive some of the current legislation surrounding education assistance available to young people and how to expect and praise progress. I love the studies, the concepts and the intellectual challenge.

My physical activity has grown seven fold, due to the sudden departure of Walrus. He has moved to Geraldton, which is five hours north of Perth. I now find I have both halves of my week to myself. Since he is always on the go, I also find that my alone time is quieter than it once was. Now I have the fortune of having all of my best friends in some of the best locations in Western Australia, lest I ever desire a short vacation away from my life.

I was saddened by his moving, but pleased for his potential for happiness in his new life in one of the best windsurfing and surfing locations on the west coast of Australia. Maybe the temporary adjustment to an empty calendar has also caused me to withdraw from you. I’m not planning to let that happen again!

And where have I been while all this has been going on? Yoga. I feel as though The Universe has made its first strong commitment to helping me build within myself lately. I have been active in Yoga for three years now, ever since I became strong enough through my Pilates that I was prepared to “branch out”. I wouldn’t say that my path through Yoga has been easy, as I have always been struggling with ‘Arthur’ and ‘Lou’. Of course, as I mentioned at the end of last year I was on hiatus to an extent due to my struggles to find a teacher I could relate to.

My classes recently have escalated from the two weekly Vinyasa Classes I had, one of which Walrus joined me for, to roughly five Practices a week. I have three Vinyasa Classes, one ‘anything goes Practice with a different instructor each week and one Power Vinyasa Practice which is longer and much more exhausting. Also, whenever the mood takes me I will have a half hour set of ‘warming’ Vinyasas, which I just my way of keeping my body active and mind occupied.

Maybe you could say I’m using Yoga to replace Walrus. I like to think The Universe has helped me to ensure my health is stable whilst I flow in to a new phase in my life. I am strong and I will stay strong. I will not leave for too long again, and will keep you updated on how I am building my life around my new found time.

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