Every year about this time I usually post a reflection on the year that was and the year that will be. I have already written reflections on my ‘Resolutions‘ and […]

It seems to me a lot of people make New Year Resolutions in a split second or because everyone else has made them. This would likely be why many are […]

I want to add some terrific zest to the writings of this post. I want to say all the things I feel inside. I want to give you a chance […]

In the midst of all my scattered thoughts and difficult end of semester preparations some very exciting things have come my way. I can confirm first and foremost that my […]

The ‘Calm Sick Switch’. When you walk in to a room you may instinctively flick on the light. It doesn’t take much thought if any. You could continue to enter […]

I feel like I have made so many apologies for being AWOL from regular entries since I have once again been unwell. As my recompense I will share the last […]

The revision ‘Twenty-Twelve” brings up mixed memories and feelings for me. I feel as though I accomplished very little and didn’t have a great year in general. However if I […]

My life feels upside-down right now and in a nutshell here’s why: 3 years ago I graduated with a Diploma of Interior of Decoration. I immediately started in a sub-section […]

I consider myself to be both rash and rational. Daily I find myself making rash decisions about things I can ‘improve’ in some way. This is not unusual. Every one […]