Lately, I have been trying to realise what my future will look like. These last few days, weeks, months have been harder for me than I honestly ever thought. It […]

My path to my degree was a confused one. I was once predicted to be a dancer, and as far as career is concerned, this prediction appears to be coming […]

Over the years I have undertaken an array of different courses of study. All of this has occurred whilst I have been ‘distracted’ with one health trouble or another. It […]

It shouldn’t surprise you to know I am someone who is known for over-extending herself. As a person I am not satisfied unless I have a project on hand and […]

You may recall what a horror last year was? All of the emotions. All of the hospital visits. All of the falling over! All while I was trying to complete […]

After I returned from Broome my university had the scheduled study break for Education students. This was timed with the holidays for primary and secondary schools across this state. Following this week all the other students in my year at university went on their practical experience. Given my enrolment details, and my health this year, I was exempt from the practical. What this means for me is that I will either have two practicals next year, or else I will do my second year practical in my third year, third in fourth and fourth at the end of my degree. However, I will cross that bridge when it comes.

I’m starting to fall behind in the tasks that are small and have been calling my attention for weeks. Things such as acknowledging my now dual nominations for Inspiring Blogger, […]

The first 6 months of this great year have kept me on my toes, no doubts about that! Between the recurring migraines, the fluctuating costochronodritis and the university semester I […]

These last few days have hit me where it hurts. No not literally (that’d be everywhere) but figuratively. 2014 just keeps on coming at me, yet I am adamant after […]