1 HOUR early leave on Friday. Enough time to take Katho to the beach for a quick paddle. 2 FALLS. 3 UNCOOKED vegetarian spring rolls and an early night.

1 VERY BUSY Saturday at work.
2 QUOTES for nice couples.
2 SURPRISING return sales.
1 ILL-ORGANISED Hen’s night, with a bride in tears and a Maid-Of-Honour in a sulk.
12 LADIES and A MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE having a laugh at the Lucky Shag dressed prison inmates to ONE POLICE/BRIDE.
4 OLD school friends having fun drunk on the town together.
$98 cash spent on drinks.
$17.60 spent on parking.
2 SOLELESS boots strapped up with gaffa tape.

1 EARLY morning gardening exercise, followed by A FEW HOURS paddling down at Cottesloe with 1 OF MY BEST friends.
2 HOURS and 4 FALLS later 7 CHILLIES ready to harvest next to the car while the salt water is washed away.
4 WORK colleagues and ONE COLLEAGUES daughter share a dinner of Pizza and Frites in Freo for less than the cost of a tip.
ONE UNFORGETTABLE sunset over the port at Fremantle to end the Sunday of a wonderful weekend.

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