I have finished my exams!! Well, to be frank I had two and both I was able to take a double sided A4 of noted in with me AS WELL as pretty much knowing what the essay questions would be about. STILL, I drop a big sigh of relief!

Now I have had 5 days to catch up on sleep and plan the next 6 weeks free of uni and study perils. As I mentioned recently, I prioritise the order of things in my life and what I need to focus on more and what I can think about less or later. There are things, such as , finding a roommate for our spare room, poking my nose in to Etsy, Apartment Therapy and Reddit (three of my favourite sites), or digging in to either of my massive pile of patchwork and quilting, my stacks of ‘new’ books or my piles of TV shows and films.

I LOVE finding and devouring television series, I prefer this to film as I like to engage with characters and see how they process conflicts and portray personalities. I don’t watch anymore than two series during semester, and I allow for one episode of each per week. I don’t start new shows or seasons, and no films between my uni breaks. I always allow for a leisure novel as I have a compulsive need to read before I sleep each night, even if it is a page. I usually have a uni text, a leisure night text and a day text or an audio book on a portable device at all times. Strictly no internet browsing since the net is on ALL my devices so there is no escaping it. Of course there is this blog, my updates and those of others, so this is actually my guilty pleasure!

I know, I’m so naughty!

The last few days I have been sleeping in to late hours and waking up naturally as my body desires. My sleeps are deep and healing, my head is clear during the day. I get out of bed even later, after a coffee and apple, a few games of Sudoku and a bit of reading. Polly is generally fast asleep on my chest during this time. I walk or ride to the store with a backpack or trolley bag, depending on what groceries I need that day, then return home for a warm salad lunch and an afternoon of my shows and hand-quilting by the fire. It’s quite relaxing and peaceful and exactly what I need right now.

Today, however I had an appointment. I had to set an alarm. I woke up, made my breakfast and coffee and sat in bed for one quick Sudoku. Polly was barely settled before I displaced her to get dressed. I timed my trip perfectly, but left early as it was a new route, the bus was early, the trip took less time than the bus timetable predicted and I was in Fremantle at the Hospital 40 minutes ahead of schedule, it was 10:50. I figured I would just find the right building and door so I knew where to go, then I’d get a coffee and wait.

Except when I looked at the appointment letter the time said 11:00 not 11:30. I had checked that last night and this morning repeatedly so I must have known that. I was embarrassed at myself, but glad everything had worked out and I made my way to Neurology. The EEG itself was dull. They needed to know what was going on in my brain. Where and why did the seizures come. Can they be triggered, and is there any other damage. I didn’t have any seizure, so I will wait until my Neurologists look and decide what else the test showed. I’m not worried, the worst that can happen is they find something from the test, which will be an answer. The best is they don’t find anything, which isn’t an answer but it does mean no epilepsy or high risk of seizures.

I had a coffee and brownie to celebrate my good health (for today) then caught the bus home for cuddles with the Polly-graph machine.


EEG: electroencephalogram

These measure the brain wave activity and can help to diagnose many neurological conditions including narcolepsy, dementia, epilepsy as well as many more. It isn’t an image test like many of the usual ones that you come across in medicine. The patient lies down and has electrodes attached to the area in question, the head, and the specialist has the patient perform specific actions or responses to detect any abnormalities in the activity. I have long hair and I was being tested for seizures. The nodes were attached to the scalp with a scent-free paste and little bandage over the connector thingy. There were at least two dozen. The room was dark and I basically had to breathe regularly, then rhythmically or calmly but deeply. I had to open and close my eyes at certain points. I had to keep my mouth slightly parted. There was an awful floor light with two dozen small white LED lamps visible inside. As I was being tested for seizures towards the end the light flashed at a range of speeds, very brightly, very close to my face. I had to open my eyes and close them, both for a time, whilst at each speed. I prayed I wouldn’t have a seizure during this, but the lights were also so bright I hated all of those tests. I had to remove the paste myself, but I knew that and so had tactfully worn a cute hat that day so I dropped that back on afterwards. I wish I had taken a comb for my fringe.

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