In the middle of this year I took a chance. I reached out in a way I had not for a long time, years in fact. Every so often I manage to rally my mind and brace my awareness and concept of what I know my illness to be, and am movable to see an alternative therapist for advice on how to minimise the symptoms of my illnesses. I only do this when I feel my health is at a more stable point and will respond in a realistic and manageable way.

What am I saying?

In layman’s terms: I thought the Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vasculitis were all in a low and manageable state of remission. I was therefore confident enough to visit a highly recommended biochemist/ naturopath/ nutritionist. I thought that with this combination at this point in my life I may be able to begin taking control of my body and health again. The proposition from this specialist at the outcome of these appointments was promising and had much evidence and research to support both ideas of progression.

Firstly, I was advised to consider the role the bacteria in my digestive tract had on my inflammation. Not only for the impact it had on my stomach and reflux, particularly mixed with my medications, but also in regards to the components of food DNA (especially in carbohydrates) that just don’t break down during the digestion process.

Secondly, on the role of carbohydrates, indigestible food components. If this sounds dodgy then I assure you I am not a nutritionist and I am not likely going to be 100% accurate here, hence my keeping it brief. As well as this, there is years and oodles and masses of research to support the idea that carbohydrates induce and encourage inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

The elimination or significant reduction of carbohydrates from a diet is a process known as ketogenesis and since the 1970’s many independent bodies of research have been using this concept. By minimising the carbohydrates from the daily diet, you are also eliminating non digestible components from the body and removing the energy that will be stored and create inflammation in the body.

The concept in itself is genius. The research to support it is fantastic. The texts, financials, practicalities and programs are vast. It definitely seems like something that is possible for me. The best part? Ketogenesis is proven to help autism, epilepsy and many autoimmune diseases and general inflammation.

Come back in a few days to find out how this goes!


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