The revision ‘Twenty-Twelve” brings up mixed memories and feelings for me. I feel as though I accomplished very little and didn’t have a great year in general. However if I think it over honestly, it was in fact it was a pretty good year.

My friendship with some people began, particularly in the Yoga aspect of my life. My relationships with some close friends and family deepened to a critical level of honesty which I have not experienced before. An old school friend Wardy moved to Perth only recently and we have begun to build a regular ‘Walking Catch-Up’ routine. My plan is to eventually coax her in to hiking the Bibbulmun Track some time in the next few years (exciting!)

The Kid and I are having coffee regularly. Earlier in the year I persuaded her to buy a Nespresso machine and she thanks me by sharing her range with me, as I do with her. The Kid recently became engaged to her beau so I am seeing many future Nespresso’s shared over wedding preparations. You also may recall Walrus moved to Geraldton, so a lot more of my time is free now to strengthen these friendships and focus on Yoga and the potential people I meet on that journey. My time with Walrus was wonderful. It definitely had a deep effect on me this year and is a big part of what helped make the year memorable.

As far as work goes, I never thought that shipping was in my future. I always expected it to be a platform for me to rebuild who I was and discover my next life direction. I have been fortunate enough to find a passion and direction. The strength which I have built in myself this year through my work and personal life has helped me to leave my job, trusting in the universe and my empowerment to start me on what I expect to be an amazing new journey.

This journey is, as you know, based around Yoga and giving something to others. The strongest force of 2012 was that one that showed me how I feel about myself, everyone around me and what I can do to help the world. I do not want to hoard possessions and experiences to myself. I do not want to make a big fuss about my accomplishments, but be strong enough in myself to help others with their successes. I just want to help and share my smile and take joy in the little things in life, which cost so little but mean so much.

With Cinta’s passing I have felt heartache and loneliness. I have realised how much I relied on her and the comfort she gave me. I do not think I could ever fill her place with another. She was a soul mate for me and whilst I may not have her anymore, I know the amount of love I have within me, that I may share with another.

In all I wish 2012 farewell and open my arms wide to 2013. Let my journey begin.

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