There are places I go to where I find an instant sense of calm and peace. One of those places is the yoga mat. Another is the ocean, or any large body of water. I like to be near the water and imagine I am alone, gliding on with the wind guiding me and carrying away whatever is within me that I don’t need.

Sometimes I even become overwhelmed with a light joy when I walk in to certain commercial places like cafes, book shops, markets. Fremantle, the port city of Perth, is one of these places. Wild Poppy Cafe, Blue Budha and Red Tiger. These places are so blissful.

Having said that, my favourite place for being happy and peaceful is with my closest friends. As with all people, I rely on my friends to provide me with a safe, trusting and honest environment. I can be myself and not try to behave or respond in a way which is deemed ‘acceptable’ rather than just relaxing naturally.

I’m not sure if everyone feels the same way as me, but I always feel this acute awareness of the moods of others when I am with them. I feel sometimes the indifference, judgment and expectations. With my family and friends I only feel the love, trust and honesty they have towards me. It’s what I expect of them and what I think they expect of me. Anything less does not earn my love.

My happiest place is this places. The open circle of love, trust and honesty is where I feel I am my greatest. By finding this in others I find it in myself. When I can be in this place I truly am blessed.

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