As you may recall I enlisted a Naturopathic Biochemist for assistance with managing my numerous Lupus symptoms. Really I was just wanting a different idea of my body’s functionality from a new field than what I had been seeing recently.

I certainly had the experience I wanted and was surprisingly also lead down the road of acquiring, potentially long-term, a new diet. This man recommended I consider undergoing my own research and deciding if I was willing to trial a significant cut down on my intake of carbohydrates as there was evidence to support this having a role in improving and regulating bodily processes in patients of autoimmune diseases and inflammatory disorders, as well as a myriad other ongoing chronic illnesses and cognitive chemical imbalances.

I did my research, and yes I approved of the findings. I was willing to trial a short period on this diet and see if it was a viable permanent option. To begin and become accustomed to this lifestyle I was recommended to follow the first six weeks of the Induction OR OWL phases of the Atkins Diet, as outlined in the book Atkins Diet: The New Look, The New You. I was to strongly stay focused to the knowledge that I was not needing to lose weight and so should be cautious and take note of the ‘healthy fats’ that are low in carbohydrates.  These I would need to stock up on and integrate larger quantities in to my diet to regulate the balance of foods and slow down potential weight loss. After a fortnight I could look into the nuts and seeds and hunt down the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is wholly a lot similar to Atkins (in my secret opinion I feel like the former stemmed from the latter).

Other than a few minor cravings I satisfied with the Atkins Bars from the supermarket, I had little trouble adjusting. This may be in part due to my own habits of snacking on vegies not chips and biscuits. And making my own soups, stews and meals. And avoiding bread and baked goods too often.

Needless to say I was so pleased at the way my body felt in two weeks that going on seemed obvious. A month on and to be honest, I didn’t miss much. The occasional biscuits with dip at parties. A Malteser or bite of brownie sure. Yet my body feels so great I cannot see it worth jeopardising. It was cheaper, easier and more satisfying to avoid carbohydrates, which is why I decided to stay there. Once every three or four weeks I planned to have a big blow out to make sure I didn’t get too thin. Or miss any of the good food like Italian. I didn’t plan to be mental about this and become annoyingly picky with my food. No tantrums or uncrossable lines. But no risking my health too often due to boredom or laziness.

I must say, this occurred during the month of July. As you know, my big issues began on August 5th and they pretty much put a stop to any decisions I had the chance to make about my diet.


  1. Siim Land 21/11/2015 at 8:37 pm

    You should try nutritional ketosis. It’s the empowered version of Atkins and a lot more healthier.

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