A few years ago we stopped bringing processed snacks in to our household. So no biscuits, chips, ice cream, candy or frozen pizzas and frozen mini pies. We also make our own soup and freeze that in little containers for easy quick meals to avoid take away. No more milk shakes, toasties and yes! We even stopped buying fresh bread weekly. From December 27 2012 I also have not visited any MacDonalds, Hungry Jacks or KFC restaurant, or take away franchise of equal descript. Of course, giving up some of the big nasties that made us feel icky and didn’t seem to be that healthy, I thought I was eating well.
This said, recently my Yogi Rhy held a nutrition seminar at her place. I though it is always great to go to these things, my friend Noony also came to help learn tricks for her Fibro[myalgia]. Rhy is a practicing Vegan, and the seminar was held by someone close to her who had been helping her to ensure Rhy was eating correctly, so that she didn’t have to resort to injections and supplements to meet all her dietary requirements.

This seminar was really simple. Rocket science really. Of course Rocket the vegetable. We discussed the benefits of fruit and vegetables. Now with governments across the world working to ensure they are doing their part to educate every living being possible about the importance of eating well, it is hard to find someone in a first or second world country that is honestly unaware of basic healthy eating.

In fact most people know how to eat well and what to eat in the right proportions, to a point. They just choose not to. I can say this with utter confidence. Especially given that even I thought I was eating well, and said I was eating well, but still was no where near hitting my targets for a recommended daily in take of fresh foods. Now I certainly do not profess to be an expert, and a lot of my knowledge is jumbled up within my mind. A few things, however I can tell you stuck really hard in mind.

Fruit. You should be eating at least 2 serves every day. In a nutrient supplement which you may buy form the health food store, chemist or supermarket, you may find ‘Up to 20+’ different nutrients. This sounds really amazing. But in an apple you can find ‘Up to 1500+’. Obviously the quantities are different and not as targeted as in a supplement. But I would prefer to spend 50c a day on an apple, than $40 on some pills.

Vegetables. In Australia you should be eating 5 serves, or filled cups, of vegetables per person each day. In other countries it is much more. So let’s say a carrot, a potato, a bunch of bok choy, a quarter of a cabbage and two tomatoes. Another way to consider your fresh produce is that at least half the plate of any/every meal should be fruit, nuts and or vegetables.

Nuts provide a lot of the good oils needed for the body, so throw in a handful of walnuts, brazil nuts or almonds with your food. Now add an egg and a small amount of meat. Wow! Right! Can you do that? No? Too much  extra food for you?

The easy solution is to realise that maybe you are eating too many other things that have a negative effect on the body, which may also be unnecessary to your daily diet. Some things aren’t as obvious as you would like to hope, and some things are impossible for an individual to give up. Such as I love my coffee! But I have replaced my chocolate with strawberries, my mayo dressing with lemon juice, my noodle beds for stir-fry with steamed cabbage and any snack time is filled out with nuts.

I cannot make you do something, and do not want to be the one to preach and judge. But all I can say is that in the last 5 weeks I have had at least 1.5 fruit and 4 vegies every day and it is the first time in a long time that I am waking up refreshed, enjoying every minute of the day with vitality, and going to bed happily in to a deep sleep.

For more advice in how to eat I would strongly suggest having a look at Nutrition Australia, The Nutrition Society of Australia,  Health Direct Australia or Food and Nutrition Australia.


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