It is time for me to recognise and say thank you to the people who saved me in the past year. It was a hard year and I did not get through it alone. I have made no secret of my struggles through the year. It takes a special kind of person to give their time and patience to give me the help that I needed. I was fortunate.  I had already spent years building my support network.

My Thank You

When I asked for help they were there and knew me and what I needed to get through it. I don’t use the term ‘saved’ lightly. My troubles were deep, and I truly was brought back from the brink. There will never be a way I can truly express my gratitude, so all I can hope is this thank you message will reach each and everyone of them.


P, D and Black Beauty

I know I have disappeared from the second half of your year. I cannot apologise enough and am sorry for my absence. To me it felt better for your piece of mind as you went through your own struggles. Meeting you and being welcomed into your house kept me afloat in those starting days. You are a wonderful little family and it is a pleasure to me to know you. I swear I will be in touch as soon as I feel I can bring you the stability you gave me. Thank you and I love you.



You are a part of me. I know it hurts you to see me in pain. I know you feel like helpless. But your presence is always enough to keep me going. I am so proud of you and everything you do. Thank you for being there for so long.


MAmy, Sammie and Cake

I love our deep and meaningful’s. And that you let me show up just to laze on your couch sometimes or raid your movie collections. Thank you for letting me stir Sammie up when he really just wants to be left alone. You guys are the tits.



Thank you for not complaining about my 1000+ word messages. I miss you and am so proud of you. You inspire me to keep going. I have to, if I am ever going to visit you.


Craft Club

I love that I can ask for and receive a warm welcome of catch up. The trust and security of this alone is comforting to me. Thank you girls for getting it going, the idea of the time is enough most of the time.



You let me ring you in tears all those flecking times. And Pa actually listens to me sob/speak now. What an effort!! Thank you for not hanging up on me. But seriously, thank you for coming up when I needed it, and staying away when it was best you didn’t come up. You guys have been pretty good about this whole thing.


Doctor Cope

We have gone from twice a week, to once every 4 weeks. And then you gave me the ‘all clear’ for Christmas. You saucy silver fox, you saw me sinking and kept me afloat. I am pretty sure you are the reason I am here today.

All my New Doctors

Each in your individual field, you have done everything from listen to me cry, to giving me ideas on how to think and manage my pain, to changing my medications and helping to stop the itch!!! No longer do I feel insane in my own skin.


Nicole at Fernwood

I don’t know what to say. You are the reason I signed up. The prompt to want to be there when I felt out of place those first few weeks. I will miss you like I miss Rice Bubbles (thanks Kat :-I)….


The Gals

Shit I love our classes and listening to you talking about ‘the good old days’ and ‘the war’ (the ladies are all over 60 now). By welcoming a grateful spring chicken into your cluster for morning teas, you have changed my outlook on life.


Mrs Turner

Sometimes I felt like you were making up excuses to let me come and help you. Sometimes I made up excuses to visit. Either way, your house is my hideaway and I like knowing that. You have done an amazing job this year and I truly wish you the best for your next year. Congratulations on becoming a teacher!!

If I have missed anyone, I am sorry. Everyone in my life has helped in some way. It is too hard to recall everyone at one time but believe it, if we have interacted together this year it has helped. Every little bit.

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