It’s a hard thing for me to think too much about what I do and don’t have in my life. It’s hard to acknowledge that I am at an age […]

These last few days have hit me where it hurts. No not literally (that’d be everywhere) but figuratively. 2014 just keeps on coming at me, yet I am adamant after […]

Most people, when I tell them I have a chronic illness and that I am always in some pain don’t tend to take me seriously. I am sure I am […]

This week has been full of much singing, dancing and laughing. This week I have been reflecting much over how I handled life whilst recovering from the migraine episodes from […]

To say that I have been going through some changes this year would certainly be an understatement at this point. I feel like the last six months can be defined […]

The experiences that I have gone through in the last month have been so over and under whelming that I honestly started to lose sight of the my big picture, […]

The revision ‘Twenty-Twelve” brings up mixed memories and feelings for me. I feel as though I accomplished very little and didn’t have a great year in general. However if I […]

There are places I go to where I find an instant sense of calm and peace. One of those places is the yoga mat. Another is the ocean, or any […]

My life feels upside-down right now and in a nutshell here’s why: 3 years ago I graduated with a Diploma of Interior of Decoration. I immediately started in a sub-section […]