Packing for hospital may seem like mainly common sense to many, until you need to do it. Most of you will not actually need to have a bag ready. Perhaps […]

Warning: This post contains a description of a cranial surgery and a postoperative image. Please be advised that this content may not be suitable for young audiences or those with […]

I have been busily sitting in my bed in my ward, waiting for conversations and confirmations. I came into Fiona Stanley Hospital on Wednesday 5 August following what appeared to be […]

A few weeks ago I had a bit of trouble with internal bleeding. I mentioned it to many people, as well as here and I had a resounding response from […]

I have been on bed rest and recuperation these last few days. First let me take you back to give you some context. Since I finished my exams at university I […]

I write this from my phone in my hospital bed. I had another one of my neurological episodes yesterday. There were a few small differences, the biggest one for me […]

After all the testing was over I had to wait a few days before The Team reassembled to discuss their next steps forward. I understand they were meeting on their […]

The team wasted no time in getting started on their tests for me. The day after my 15 vial blood test I was due to start my pincushion episodes with […]

As to why I was in hospital, at this stage I was unsure. As such I had no idea what to do when I got there, how long I would […]

It was when I went to my scheduled appointment with Paddy the next week that everything started to become a blur. It wasn’t an appointment like any I have had […]