I’m sitting here listening to Islands by The XX reminiscing on the joy that was the few days before Christmas and a thought occurs to me. In the whole epic situation […]

Given my recent visit to hospital I thought I would share what I have found out in the past few years about laws, social and cultural practices and personal rights for the individual during times of health concerns.

I am not going to specify the exact laws, because in Australia they vary between states, and change at irregular times. Also it helps no one if I tell you a specific law or act in Australia and you are in New Zealand or Canada (if you need me to point out that laws change between countries then I want you to find the nearest person and hug them.)

There are not only laws, but also every work place will have workers rights and practices that you agree on when you enter an employment role. These are found in your contract. If you are in any level of education; primary, secondary or tertiary, the institution you are involved in will have practices to ensure you are able to continue your study. As my lecturers say, they are there to help you pass not ensure you fail.

From the instances of the first diagnosis you are even entitled to make some requests and demands of your doctor, I will talk about those too so you can start on the right foot and catch up where you need to.

I also will admit freely that I am not that well versed in the entire law of anywhere and so to start listing specifics is just going to start trouble. What I will do instead is point out what should exist and what you should be thinking about, and then direct you in the way of making headway in your own time.

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