A smile costs nothing but give so much. It enriches those who receive it without making poorer those who give it. It takes but a moment but the memory of […]

I want to add some terrific zest to the writings of this post. I want to say all the things I feel inside. I want to give you a chance […]

As I stood in the empty kitchen I began to feel someone watching Me from behind my left shoulder. My back was to the wall, With only the stove behind […]

I am a daughter. A sister. A middle child. An adult. A woman. A relatively petite lady. A twenty six year old. A single white female. A mature-aged university student. […]

My grains of pain emanating from a source, smaller than a pea you course. Why have you begun to accrue? What caused you to debilitate like an amputate? If I’d […]

Introduction narration My ears hear what others cannot hear. Small, far away things people Cannot normally see are visible to me. These senses are the fruits Of a lifetime of […]