As part of my university studies I sometimes have a loose spot to fill. I try to fit in relevant topics or fields of interest that will support, however indirectly, my dual degrees of Early Childhood and Primary Education. Sometimes though, this is just not an option and so I have no choice but to fulfill a personal need or interest. This semester I found myself in this predicament and so I decided to tag along to a unit my housemate was enrolled in, Drugs in Society.

Now don’t go getting ahead of yourself thinking this is all about illicit narcotics. The unit looks at the origins of chemicals which alter the functioning of the human body. It reflects on the range of addictive and non-addictive, legal over-the-counter, prescription and social (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol) drugs as well as the illegal forms. It considers research of drugs, the roles they take in society and the effect they can have on users and people around them (although not quite as much this latter one).

As you can imagine, I was ecstatic at the thought and signed up quickly. My housemate and I are in the same class and he and I are kind of excitedly teasing each other about who is smarter, how much I will embarrass him with my nerdiness and whether I will dob him in for not doing readings or watching the required documentaries. It’s all fun and games….except we have started competing each Monday night whilst watching the new show The Great Australian Spelling Bee…we will see how it goes…

But the competitions between two cohabitors doesn’t likely amount to much in your concern for entertainment.

What should interest you in the series of documentaries I have been viewing for the first Topic of this unit: The history of drugs. I will add the three links below which are the three parts to this interesting BBC series on the history and origins of some of our most widely known and used drugs. Each lasts and hour so be warned. If you read my facebook page I will put the links on separately too for ease of viewing. I sincerely recommend at least the first, if not all three.

BBC Pain, Pus and Poison, The search for modern medicine- Pain

BBC Pain, Pus and Poison, The search for modern medicine- Pus

BBC Pain, Pus and Poison, The search for modern medicine- Poison


  1. Irene 04/08/2015 at 3:59 pm

    Okay, this was useful. Thank you!

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