I am a daughter.

A sister.

A middle child.

An adult.

A woman.

A relatively petite lady.

A twenty six year old.

A single white female.

A mature-aged university student.

A literacy tutor.

A pre-service teacher.

An education support assistant.

A small business owner.

A yoga practitioner.

A Lupus sufferer.

A partially disabled youth.

A healthy-eating advocate.

A Raw Food advocate.

A migraine sufferer.

A kidney stone sufferer.

A positive thinker.

A philologist.

A spiritualist.

An art enthusiast.

An artist.

An amateur musician.

A designer and a decorator.

A singer

A writer.

A renter.

A car owner.

A cat owner.

A credit card holder.

A resident of Perth.

A Western Australian.

An Australian.

A resident of a first world country.

Who are you?

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